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Clint Barton aka Hawkeye [Avengers / MCU]
7 January

Clint Barton

Name:Clint Barton
Call Sign:Hawkeye
Profession: Avengers member, former SHIELD agent and master assassin
Specialties: Saving the world, archery, not answering the phone

Clint Barton is just your average everyday super (not-so-)secret agent who runs around with aliens and super soldiers saving the world. As an agent of SHIELD, Clint was in New Mexico when the Destroyer nearly decimated a small town, and as a member of the Avengers, he was on the front line during the Battle of New York.

Clint's still coming to terms with his actions while under the control of a power-hungry lunatic from Norse mythology.

While he became a bit of a public figure after the Battle of New York (he has an action figure!), the details of his involvement with SHIELD leaked online with the fall of the Triskelion.

Since then, he's been avoiding the press, stubbornly defending Natasha, Steve, and SHIELD to any investigative agents that come for him, and helping Tony at the Tower as the Avengers go corporate. He doesn't quite have his life together yet, but he doesn't want everything else to fall apart.

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Note: The character's canon is MCU-based, but I'm happy to adjust it for a shared history with other comics characters. Clint's more casual side is taken from the comics' characterization.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye is owned by Marvel.
Played by Jeremy Renner.
This journal is for role-playing and fun, and has no association with Marvel or Jeremy Renner.
Muse and Mun are both 21+.